Sunday, July 19, 2015

a lazy sunday musing

In the news Vodafone owe 4bn in tax.  The social security bill is 3bn.  But the idiotic government is going ahead with 12bn cuts, mostly aimed at the social security sector.

Anyway, excuse the aside above; Yesterday I was re-reading the posts from years back and there were a few common themes, one of which is still an issue - SKY.

My sky box, a 2tb HD recorder, fitted about 18 months ago to replace one I bought because the WIFI would not work, is now playing up.  Within the last few months it started crashing, with the only solution to switch off/on.   It is now worsening to the point that this week alone (13-19 July), it has stopped 3 times so far.  The helpdesk I spoke to a few weeks ago did a menu rebuild,  but that solution lasted a day. I usually do a full "reboot", pressing BACKUP while turning on the power, which downloads the update; allegedly.   If I get them to replace the box or rebuild the drive, I will lose all my saved programmes and that is really annoying.

It is a generalisation, but south wales drivers are fecking mental.  The other common theme in previous posts was about advanced driving, and to be blunt, they need some training.  I was nearly wiped out 5 times in the short journey to Barry Island and back.  On the motorway, going 70mph, this one car driver saw fit to come right up my bumper and flash his lights constantly. As I was overtaking slower traffic in lane 1 and 2, there was no where for me to go if I wanted to and the ignorant tw*t could have seen this had he not been speeding.  As with all karmic situations, after overtaking me he didn't get very far before he was stuck in lane 1, and I went past him...smiling.

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