Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2011-2015 update

If anyone is reading this, then it has been a huge five years since the last post. I feel like this is a confessional, forgive me for i have sinned..blah blah. Anyway, nothing I've done warrants a confession or a forgiveness.  I do have some news though, and while its not practical to document the last five years entirely, I can give you a brief rundown of events.

2011 Did the demo at the health awards. fiasco, is my only comment!

2011 Went to Ukraine for dating purposes. Didn't find anyone but had a great time, met loads of new people and came back alone.

2012 Went to Moscow, as above! Did meet more people, but no one special. Even managed to meet some disabled people too and saw how they live.

2012 Started to get back and leg problems. Had wanted to go to Thailand, but was too bad.

2013 Despite the worsening back/leg pain, went to Lynmouth for their annual event and was teaching qigong stuff to a very small audience.

2013-2014 worsened until the point that in 2014, after being prescribed a bucket load of drugs that did nothing, I could not wait any longer. So I found a surgeon who would do an operation for me, sensibly without trussing me up like a turkey. Then, after the Op in May, I spent June to October 2014, trying to rehabilitate myself as the establishment really had let me down. The major disappointment was that the operation did not go as planned, and with a 5% risk of happening the screw was misplaced into the nerve leaving me worse off.  This made everything difficult.  Luckily, my preplanning meant i'd signed up for ESA, which was a good job because I found working too difficult.  I used a walker most of the time even in the house. 

September 2014 - had to start permitted work because I found the income was not covering expenditure. Luckily, I had enough students left to make it work.

October 2014, went to Thailand for dating purposes.  Met a lady and decided it was all or nothing.

December 2014, went back and met her family.

January 2015, went to Bangkok, Thailand registry office and did the paperwork for marriage

April 2015, Went to Thailand and had the thai wedding.  Managed to get a tourist visa for her, and she came home with me.

July 2015, married life in the UK - sorting out the various language and cultural issues slowly but surely.

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