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People write blogs for all sorts of reasons. My hope here is to share the vast experience and knowledge I have gained from travelling as a disabled person. You know that as a disabled person we get a bum-rap sometimes from the authorities for all sorts of reasons.  Accessibility has always been a bone of contention with society trying to appease the needy with ridiculously lacking legislation that is more show than anything else, toothless, wishywashy, and completely time-wasting.  It gives more loop holes than crocheting.  But having said that, compared to when I was a young child, things have improved a bit.   No longer do we need to phone ahead and arrange assistance in order to take a wheelchair on the bus, as we did when I was 8 or 9.  Obviously, it's not great even now, with the proper procedure still requiring disabled wheelchair users to pre-arrange help at railway stations (for example) only to discover it's not there, or the end station is inaccessible.  I took my scooter on the rail network, having registered it as a unit (with its own ID card), but discovered the experience to be too much of a nightmare whereby I was almost left onboard by staff who were more interested in going home than ensuring passengers were helped off.  And these weren't isolated incidents.

Without seeemingly bragging, I have travelled the world considerably compared to the average joe.  With a disability too, my trips make interesting reading and hence the blog/website.

Please enjoy, join in, contribute, share but above all come back for more and hopefully I will not disappoint.

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nice blog andy from lloyd