Monday, July 25, 2016

Please help me raise some money

hey everyone!

I wouldn't normally ask, but I am desperate for a new scooter.  My back is real bad and so I am looking for a scooter with suspension!

Please donate to my cause!  donate now

It will allow me to continue blogging as well as keeping mobile.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

If you enjoy the video blogs, please consider supporting me

You know the site is free and these videos are free, but you must also know the website host and all the time spent recording editing and uploading isn't free.

I decided not to make a formal charge for membership because I am new to this and the subject matter is so important, it might put people off if they felt they had to pay a fee to join or view.

I saw on another website they were using Donations, and thought that's a really good way to go.  So, I adopted this method of funding, it is ideal for those of you who can spare a bit of cash and is also ideal for those who really can't afford anything because it means you all see the videos.


Go to this page and click the link, it's a Paypal account, totally safe and you don't need to join/sign up.  You can use debit and credit cards and there's no fee; I pay that bit (so please consider this when choosing an amount to donate. A very small donation - less than £5, will probably not result in a lot of money going to me).

Anyway, I appreciate your every donation and thank you in advance.  It will enable me to continue producing high quality video blogs.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Follow up from my blog post about Wetherspoons

It pays to make them aware, after I sent a copy of the blog post to their MD I have finally received this email back.

In my blog post, you'll find it here, I slammed the accessibility code of their establishments that made me feel like a second class citizen because I almost always needed to go around the back.

As they point out they tend to go for the quirky buildings, mostly with Listed status, and the excuse is that they cannot alter the surroundings.  Debatable.  In two examples I cited, there would be little or no obvious signs of change and it would allow for me to go in the front, with the rest of my party.

So here's the response:

"Dear Mr Wright
Thank you for your email to our CEO John Hutson, which has been passed to us for response.
Firstly may we apologise for the delay in our response to you.
All of your comments from your blog have been noted.
We can confirm it is our intention to seek the best possible access to all of our pubs and hotels. Wetherspoon prides itself on reusing old and often iconic buildings but this can bring challenges and issues with access as you mention, where possible adjustments will be made to ensure ease of access. 
We employ the services of a health and safety consultancy to conduct access audits for all of our new pubs and hotels. Access audits for our existing properties are conducted by our internal auditors. In addition, some of our pubs work closely with disability groups and charities on a local level.
As all of our pubs are unique, our customers are encouraged to give their feedback regarding any aspect of a pubs operation to the management team at the time of their visit. This enables any appropriate action to be taken on a local level.
Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your feedback.
We sincerely apologise once again for the delay in responding to you.
Yours sincerely
Customer Services
JD Wetherspoon plc "

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