Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Travel Blog: THAILAND day 21

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Here's my page with reviews from the start of 2012, for a variety of places all around the globe.

Spraying of Aircraft coming home to UK

One thing I really hate about returning from Thailand is the "requirement" to spray the cabin - a thing I had no idea about until my first trip. It is apparently deemed safe by the "WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION" (as if I trust a body like that) yet it is chemical pesticide in a pressurised environment...

"Is the spray harmful to passengers? What can passengers do to prevent being effected by the spray?
The spray used by airliners is not harmful to passengers says the WHO.

According to South African Airways, passengers irritated by the spray can, “Cover their noses, mouths and eyes until it is over”. Huh, very helpful.....

It is dangerous for asthma sufferers and as far as I can understand is completely pointless process. What about the stuff in your cases, bugs and things? Do they spray your bags as well? All I can see is a way to poison you with very little choice.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Travel Blog: THAILAND day 11

Travel Blog: THAILAND day 10

Was this the seedier side of life?

Songkran is in full swing.  It is Thailand's new year over 3 days, where the norm is to soak everyone with water. hoses, buckets, guns!

Its a fun family atmosphere and last night, as we negotiated the streets of Khon Kaen there was  a party atmosphere. Our friends and myself and Tad went to the Tiki Tiki bar, which was also frequented by "farang" foreign men.  Most of them fell into the "old and overweight" category, all of them looking for that good time Thai girl.

One particular English chap took my focus as he chatted with my friend and I (or mostly my friend whom he met the day before).  He was with a stunningly beautiful Thai lady, although not stood close together it was obvious. He was short, bald but average sized, and in my opinion would have the right appeal to attract the ladies.

I notice things and one thing i saw was the absence of rings.  During the chat we talked about relationships and how it was with dating.  It came out these people had been together for 5 years and he comes to Thailand 4-5 times a year, which is more than myself - I cant spare the time or afford it.

During conversations about visas and stuff, we talked about how difficult it is to get one. I asked him had he taken his girlfriend to England, and he said no.  The bombshell reason for not doing so and game changer for me with this chap, was when he confidently announced he was married.

Maybe I am small minded, a prude or something else, and of course there could be other factors such as they could be separated or whatever, but I just stopped liking him.  I know when I was going through divorce, I could not envisage being "separated" for longer than necessary.  It just struck me, maybe he was in the seedier side of life which I don't want to see, or perhaps a normal chap experiencing a good time.

People do go to places for "sex" and this is a place where it could happen.  I just hope he has found a lady who doesn't share similar ideas about relationships, because it is a possibility that I foresee could happen where he is not the only farang on her contact list.

Update: we met up next day while meeting Mike and Mam, at the Kosa restaurant. During overheard conversations it became obvious to me the Thai lady was unaware of his inappropriate activities and though none of my business I had an overwhelming urge to tell her to beware,  because I had some nice conversation with her and detected the blissful naivety of her situation to which  she was an unwilling participant.  I knew the signs of two timing, having been in circumstances where I led a double life of marital deception, and saw this man's actions were the same. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Delayed blogs

Just a quick note to say sorry for the delay in blogs. We've had a few early starts and this is causing a backlog from 3 to 5 days now.

It takes on average, 3 hours to create the blog and then 2-3 hours to render.  Then about 30-60 minutes to upload.

Usually I let most happen during sleep time and when I get up for toilet breaks I put the blog in the next mode.

I am currently working on day 10.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Day 7 written blog

who knows what is in store today, but it started early 630am and went through to 830am with inconsiderate young female teens running up and down the corridors, talking and shouting and slamming doors.  It looks like this phenomenon is a world wide experience.

Oh well, back to bed for some more sleep, now they've all left.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Travel Blog: THAILAND day 3

Day 6 written blog

We are off to kumphawapi today, to meet with the people who introduced us and helped with a visa last year. We're going to ask about another one, but I have reservations because of the cost and liklihood that it is  an ideal direction to be going in when we should be looking at living here instead.

The meeting I had at the university with the trainer for TEFL went ok, if not strangely with the guy not even remembering my name and that I said I was coming to see him that day but also the name change on the door to the office, which made finding it harder.

Managed to complete day 3 video now rendering. Will be uploaded later.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Day 5 written blog

Well yesterday went back to the Big C to try and get the MIFI sorted.  I took Fern who is a partial English speaker to help me translate, and good job too because the girl who served me, who also had partial English wasn't on shift.  Anyway after some too-ing and fro-ing, we determined it was my fault.

I had forgotten about the changing of the password for the MIFI at home via my computer.  Once I reset to default, and put in an updated one, I could then amend the settings to allow the MIFI to roam on the sim.

Basically, I now have internet for my phone, with 12gb data.  I will try not to use it to upload videos

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Day 4 written blog

So, got home and tried to do some video work but far too tired so went to bed. In the morning started to render but it would have been 3 hours, plus another couple to upload so at 50% stopped because Tad wanted to go.

The plan today is to go back to Big C and get the mifi sorted, then take the kids to the water park to swim. It's a good 90 minute drive to what is the zoo, but is also a water park with multiple pools and will be busy.

Right now it's fried rice with prawns for breakfast.

Hopefully I can render overnight so there will be a video later.